Haydn Seek

Haydn Seek takes you into the 18th century world of Austria and the music of Haydn, the father of the string quartet. As the audience peeks into a rehearsal, the quartet practices a piece by Franz Josef Haydn. The ghost of Haydn appears and, for the next 45 minutes, amuses the audience with tales of his life and times. Suitable for grades 2 through 8.
Video clip

Repertoire for the program includes selected works by Haydn:
• String Quartet op. 9, #2 Moderato
• String Quartet op. 20, #4 Menuetto & Trio
• String Quartet op. 33, #2 “The Joke” Presto
• String Quartet op. 50, #6 “The Frog” Allegro con spirito
• String Quartet op. 64, #5 “The Lark” Allegro moderato, Menuetto, Finale
• String Quartet op. 74, #3 “The Rider” Allegro con brio
• String Quartet op. 76, #2 “The Quinten” Allegro
• String Quartet op. 76, #4 “The Sunrise” Allegro con spirito
• String Quartet op. 77, #2 Andante
• Symphony #45 in f sharp minor “Farewell” Finale

Selected works of other composers:
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet #19 in C Major, K. 465, “Dissonant”, Allegro
• Ludwig Van Beethoven: String Quartet op. 95 in f minor “Serioso” 2nd Movement
• Bartok: String Quartet #2, Allegro molto

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photo: Jerry Vogel as Haydn