Frustrated with his lack of progress and tired of being compared to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, young Daniel is thinking of quitting the cello. Then, amazingly, young Mozart shows up for a visit, and Daniel rediscovers the joys of music.
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For more than 20 years, audiences in the St. Louis area were entertained, educated and transported by Quartet Seraphin — four extraordinary women who brought chamber music to school children and sophisticated adult lovers of the genre.

Now retired, Quartet Seraphin is making its signature Meet the Composer series — three delightful, educational programs devoted to the music and lives of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart — available to string quartets that perform for young audiences elsewhere in the country.

The 45-minute programs combine terrific string quartet music with the composer’s own dramatic story told by an actor. The crowd-pleasing programs bring great composers, their creative process, their most personal compositions and their times to life with humor and charm. Video clips

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